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Name : Mohammed Omer
Date of Birth :24 Feb 1988 

Hobbies : Cricket, Reading Books, Music, Racing Bikes making new friends etcc
Qualification : Studying Intermediate
City : Hyderabad.
State : Andhra Pradesh.
Country : India.

 I come from a highly educated family, My  Grand Father Electrical, T.A, in
e(General Electric USA) he has sended his whole life to made there family the best family i thing we have did it what he has nedded from us, that best Grandfather in the whole World, What to say more about Grandmother is the Heart touching person she can see in ur heart no need to tell what is in ur heart he has treated and love me very much, she is no1 Grand Mother, My dad Mohammed Asif is an computer Professional, has always work hard in many field, He is very handsome and lovingly papa in the world, He has done everything for me, My mom Sayeeda Banu is the cutest mom in the world, who understands me to the endest part of my heart. And my two chacha's(DAD's bro)Mohammed Arif & Mohammed Abubaker they are very beautifull and have beautiful heart and they are very merciful,(May Allah give to all people's like my chacha's).My younger brothers Mohammed Osman & Mohammed Ali, respects me a lot (That's what you find in Asian culture:), they are pursuing there studies, I thing this is enough to be a happy Family.

Coming to habits, I love to spend my evenings with my friends. My hobbies as you already know are very odd among each other :) but thats what I like in me that makes me different from others. I spare time for studies whenever I feel I have to get updated with the fast changing technology. Coming to music I love western music a lot, and in Hindi music Classics and New ones. Well that
s about me, hope I didn't bored you :) LoveU all Hamesha...